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Royce B. Saville is proud to serve our clients with a wide range of other legal advice including family law, real estate law, and a broad scope of other types of law. Buying or selling a home can be a wonderful addition to your life, whether the investment earned, or property purchased, but getting legal advice for all real estate transactions is very important. Often times, real estate transactions go hand in hand with family situations, and any issues that arise from custody, divorce and other familial issues need to be addressed.

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Real Estate Transactions

Thinking about selling your home? Or have you found the perfect new property to purchase and start the next phase of life? These choices can be a defining moment for many people but they involve complex legal aspects. Whether it’s contracts to unpack, liabilities you may be unaware of, documents to get in order, Royce B. Saville can help. It’s important to understand that buying and selling real estate come with their own unique challenges. Royce B. Saville has experience on both sides and can be your advocate.

Family Matters

Family disputes of all kinds can be emotionally devastating. Without understanding the legal ramifications, it can destroy families permanently. Without legal protection and understanding, more than just emotions can go wrong. It can have lasting financial effects that completely change your life. Whether it’s divorce, custody, alimony, child support, domestic violence, or a wide range of other familial issues, look no further than Royce B. Saville.

Our Pledge

Remember that Royce B. Saville always has your best interest at heart and the experience we have to provide you with the best legal advice allows us to serve you well. 

We understand life's many challenges, and also understand that legal advocacy can be essential in moving forward positively in life. 

We look forward to serving you.

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